On Fridays across Cincinnati we meet at Dinner Parties, to eat, share stories, prayer, meet new friends and build strong Christ centered community.  There are specific Dinner Parties that have childcare to accommodate your children (please RSVP so we have enough childcare).  Confused about something?  Read the FAQ below.  We can't wait to host you and meet you soon!




Feel free to sign up below by clicking THE CITY NEAREST YOU and a Dinner Party will be in contact with you with your personal invite. 



Q: When is there a dinner party?  
A: There are dinner parties somewhere on most Fridays at 7:00pm

Q: What does a dinner party cost?
A: It's Free!

Q: What happens at a dinner party?
A: We meet at someone's house, eat a meal, meet new people, small talk about whatever we want (work, family, life), and then we discuss faith and God.  No one is forced to talk, and the discussion is led by a someone in the group who poses some questions and topics.

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: Maybe!  Some dinner parties provide child care for FREE, and some parties cannot facilitate childcare due to space limitations.  When looking for a dinner party, there is info on the webpage that says if childcare if provided or not.  When in doubt, just ask us and we'll get right back to you!  The parties that do have child care have 2 baby sitters that take care of the group of kids typically in another room of the house (like the basement).  The sitters are certified and background checked.  Please RSVP to the party you are coming to, so we can plan for food and sitters.

Q: What about teens?
A: We think dinner parties are perfect for teens to come to!  The food is great, and the discussion typically applies to all ages.  

Q: Can my kids eat too?
A: Of course!  Or if your kids are picky eaters, you can bring food along for them to eat and the sitters will assist with feeding them.

Q: What should I bring?
A: We encourage everyone to bring one of their favorite appetizers or desserts (and bring the recipe too!) If you are too busy to cook, or coming straight from work, no pressure - we always have plenty of food to share with the family.

Q: I have a food allergy.
A: We can TRY to have options to help with that!  If you have a concern, please RSVP and provide us with details so we can TRY to make accommodations!

Dinner parties have been a wonderful way to connect with fellow believers outside of the church walls. Sharing a meal and sharing with others draws people together to experience Jesus in a way that connects to our hearts & those around us. Having a close knit group to do life with is what it’s all about, and dinner parties are where it all begins.
— Sierra