Asking Jesus to be Lord of your life is the greatest and most important decisions that a person can make. After you make this decision your life will never be the same! When we give our lives to Jesus, He then asks us to make a public declaration of our faith by being baptized in water. We believe that this is an outward celebration of the goodness and love of Jesus in your life. Jesus was baptized and when we make this step we are following His example out of obedience. We are so excited that you have made the decision to make this important step here at Elevate Church. We encourage you to invite your friends and family to be a part of this special day!

Baptisms will be directly following worship during our Sunday morning service.

What to bring for baptism: Clothes to change into for baptism (dark t-shirt and shorts), towel, sandals.

If you're not sure where to start, let us know and someone will be in touch with you to help you.